AI Experience Camera SDK

Unlock stunning AR & VR Experiences on your platform!

Bring the magic of Zingcam’s extraordinary virtual experiences to your platform with our Camera SDK!

Packed to the core with features that fly!

Image Tracking

Enable flawless AI-powered Image Tracking with our Camera SDK and let your audience view thrilling visual experiences from your products.

Extended Image Tracking

Give your audience the freedom to move with our Extended Image Tracking feature that never puts the enjoyment out of sight.

Real World 3D Placement

Provide seamless 3D Content experiences in real world with our AI-driven Camera SDK and let your audience get creative with augmented reality!

Virtual 3D Experiences

Go all out and give your audiences a 360° 3D virtual experience with our Camera SDK! Give your brand a new life in the virtual world!

Body Tracking

Give human-centered content a new face with our AI-powered Body Tracking feature! Let your audience get creative and enjoy Virtual Try-ons and Face Filters.

Industry-leading Mixed Reality Camera

Fastest Recognition & Accuracy

Even with a database of over a million experiences, our Camera will recognise image instantly with unparalleled accuracy.

Flawless Tracking

Experience flawless  tracking of augmented content with our Camera SDK and give your audience a seamless experience!

Stable Placement

No unwanted movement and glitches, ensuring smooth AR & VR experiences.

Unlock stunning AR & VR Experiences on your platform!

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