Image Tracking

Extraordinary 3D Animated experiences on every flat print!

With Zingcam, your photos transform into stunning 3D experience prints!

Surreal 3D animations at your fingertips!

Watch your product come alive with stunning 3D animation experiences on Zingcam!

Interactive Packaging

Unlike traditional packaging, you can now have personalised 3D experiences on your product’s packaging and contents.

This creates a new way for customers to engage with your product and gives a great recall value to your brand. An experience like 3D playback on a birthday cake and its packaging is a great way for a customer to connect with your product and brand.

Immersive Greeting Cards and Memories

Provide thrilling 3D augmented experiences on Greeting Cards, Invitation Cards, Brochures, Tent Cards, Photos and more with Zingcam!

This new layer of 3D experiences on flat prints enhances your customers' greeting experiences and helps relive memories with the great delight provided by your product.

3D Augmented Merchandise

Sell Merchandise that everyone falls in love with!

The merchandise that you’ve been selling can now have augmented 3D experiences embedded into them and give your customers a whole new way to experience your products! Everything from clothing, posters, stationery, accessories and more can have 3D experiences and you can have this feature embedded into your current product stock.

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