Image Tracking

Play immersive Videos on any flat print!

With Zingcam, your photos narrate stories of your memories & so much more!

Visual Experiences take flight with Zingcam!

Your favourite flat prints can now come alive with surreal video experiences!

Your Extended Ad Space!

Play videos on billboards, posters, brochures, tent cards and more with Zingcam & grab eyeballs with your ads/videos like never before!

Be it information, instruction or entertainment, the bigger real estate provided by video playback allows you to offer much more than what was physically possible on the print!

Reimagine Decor & Fashion

Give your decor a makeover with stunning video experiences!

Zingcam technology brings your walls to life with engaging video playback possibilities. This adds a great layer of personalisation to home decor like never before, and you can be among the selected few to provide this new service to your customers. Along with decor, fashion and clothing also can be made unique with Zingcam’s video playback. This level of customisation can give T-shirts, Hoodies, Caps and more a whole new sense of style!

Save your memories with personalised photo prints

Nothing brings back the good old days like a photo!

With Zingcam, you can now play videos on your photo and remember your memories just the way you lived them! These videos can be personalised per customer, making them a unique experience for both sender and the receiver. You can add this feature to your existing photo print services and sell at a greater profit right away!

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