World Tracking

Move beyond Screens!

Immersive yourself into vast virtual worlds with Zingcam’s VR Experiences!

Experience new worlds

Customer experiences that push imaginations into a free fall!

Virtual Tours and Travel

Give your customers immersive virtual tours with VR experiences of various locations of your choice!

Your customers can have these enthralling experiences in specific locations like hotel rooms, apartments and more, giving them a new way to experience your products and services.

Virtual Booths

Your customers can now experience your virtual booths anywhere!

Zingcam provides you with a VR experience of your virtual booth that you can share with your customers. Be it a car expo, trade show or any event, you can provide this unique experience to your prospects and customers.

Virtual Events

Host virtual events with VR experiences and give your customers a crazy experience to remember!

A concert, school event, wedding, or any event that you’d like to host virtually can become a surreal VR experience with Zincam!

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