Coporate Gifting

Make gifting exciting all over again with AR Experiences!

Provide thrilling AR experiences on corporate gifts with Zingcam!

Who said gifts couldn’t come alive?

Enhance gifting experiences with Augmented Reality gifts that offer surreal experiences!

Your Logo comes to Life!

You can give your business clients surreal 3D experiences on their logos placed on corporate gifts, making them more engaging and interactive.

This increases the value of your products, and the dynamic experience adds extra excitement and engagement for the recipient, making the gift more memorable and enjoyable.

3D Stationery

Add a fun layer of 3D augmentation to the stationery you provide in your corporate gift sets!

Right from the gift box to the contents inside, like pens, notebooks, holders, accessories and more, everything can be made visually striking with 3D! This augmented gift packaging adds a modern and innovative touch to the gifting process, making it more engaging and enhancing the overall brand perception.

Personalised Flat Prints

You can now have personalised message cards, award certificates, recognition letters, festival greetings, offer letters and more with personalised video experiences.

These video playback prints add value to the gifts, enabling recipients to have a more immersive and realistic interaction with the products, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Growth charts that shoot through roof!

Grow your photo printing business beyond new horizons!

Get Higher Profit Margins

Incorporate videos into gifting items, offer premium products that command higher price point, leading to increased profitability.

Offer Unique Products

Stand out in the market. Combine the traditional appeal of physical gifts with the dynamic and captivating nature of videos, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for customers.

Engage & Retain Your Customers

Create an emotional impact, wow receivers in an interactive way. Customers will keep and cherish these gifts, resulting in long-term engagement and loyalty.

Detailed Insights & Analytics

Gain valuable data on customer preferences, behaviour, and engagement patterns. Improve marketing strategies, personalise offerings & sell more photos.

Enable on your existing products

Seamlessly integrate into all range of items you offer, be it any shape, size or design. This versatility allows you to offer customers a wide range of options.

Unlimited possiblities

Create more interactive and immersive experiences for innovative storytelling, virtual tours, product demonstrations, etc., further enhancing your value proposition

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