Product Packaging

Wow customers  even before unboxing products!

Make your products come alive in extraordinary AR packaging experiences with Zingcam!

Who said covers are not exciting?

Add a new dimension to the visualisation of your product with Zingcam’s AR Packaging technology!

Interactive Shopping Experiences

Whether it's virtual product demonstrations, 3D visualisations, or personalised messages, you can create a whole new shopping AR experience on your packages.

This brings a novel and engaging way for customers to explore and interact with products before making a purchase. The uniqueness adds excitement and novelty to the shopping journey, making it more memorable and enjoyable.

Personalised Packaging Experience

Unlike traditional packaging, you can now have personalised video experiences on your product’s packaging and contents.

This creates a new way for customers to engage with your product and gives a great recall value to your brand. An experience like video playback on a birthday cake and its packaging is a great way for a customer to connect with your product and brand.

Captivating Instructions & Tutorials

Get rid of boring instruction manuals (that no one reads!) for your product, and provide instructions and training with thrilling visuals!

You can include additional product details, usage instructions, customer reviews, or even links to online resources. This extended package of real estate allows brands to provide comprehensive information to customers, aiding in their decision-making process and enhancing the overall product experience. A video tutorial on how to set up a Hot Wheels track is always more engaging than figuring it out with a manual, right?

Growth charts that shoot through roof!

Grow your photo printing business beyond new horizons!

Get Higher Profit Margins

Incorporate videos into product packaging, offer premium products that command higher price point, leading to increased profitability.

Offer Unique Products

Stand out in the market. Combine the traditional appeal of physical products with the dynamic and captivating nature of videos, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for customers.

Engage & Retain Your Customers

Create an emotional impact, capturing customer's attention in an interactive way. Customers will love your products, resulting in long-term engagement and loyalty.

Detailed Insights & Analytics

Gain valuable data on customer preferences, behaviour, and engagement patterns. Improve marketing strategies, personalise offerings & sell more photos.

Enable on your existing products

Seamlessly integrate into various size, shapes and designs. This versatility allows you to wow customers with a wide range of options.

Unlimited possiblities

Create more interactive and immersive experiences for innovative storytelling, virtual tours, product demonstrations, etc., further enhancing your value proposition

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