School Photography

AR Photos for Your School Picture sessions

Transform your School Photography events & deliver Augmented Reality Photos with Zingcam!

Re-live school memories with Video Portraits!

Take a walk down memory lane with stunning visual experiences of your cherished moments!

Graduation Day AR Portrait

During Graduation Day, AR Greeting Cards revolutionise the way students capture and commemorate their achievements.

Students can have a static photo and an interactive experience by incorporating augmented reality into graduation portraits. AR elements can include personalised messages, virtual confetti, or even video snippets of memorable moments from their academic journey.

3D Prom Night Experiences

For Prom Night, AR Photography takes the glamour and excitement to new heights.

Students can enjoy an immersive and interactive experience by integrating augmented reality into prom photos. AR elements can include virtual props like sparkling tiaras or corsages, animated overlays, or even personalised messages from friends. This elevates the prom photos, making them more engaging and capturing the unique atmosphere of this special event.

School Events AR Photos

In the realm of School Events, AR Photography enhances the capturing and sharing of memorable moments.

Whether it's a sports competition, a talent show, or a school festival, AR elements can be integrated into event photos to make them more dynamic and engaging. For example, AR overlays can display scores, participant names, or even virtual trophies or awards. This adds an interactive element and strengthens the sense of achievement and excitement associated with these events.

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Gain valuable data on customer preferences, behaviour, and engagement patterns. Improve marketing strategies, personalise offerings & sell more photos.

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Seamlessly integrate into various print formats, such as portraits, luster prints and photo albums in all available sizes. This versatility allows you to offer customers a wide range of options.

Unlimited possiblities

Create more interactive and immersive experiences for school events like graduation, prom, sports day, class pictures etc. further enhancing your value proposition for students and parents

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